Monday, September 15, 2014

We have a new video! "No More Rewind"

Ladies and gentlemen, we are pleased to present to you our latest music video, "No More Rewind!" We have a new record, "Nothing to Defend," and what better way to share it with you RIGHT NOW than with a new video?  In it, we pay homage to one of Brian's favorite artists.

It is actually an older song that was written many years ago, and only recently was pulled out, given a completely new treatment, and have been playing it live for the past few months. Hope you enjoy the song as much as we enjoyed making the video!

Enjoy! Let us know what you think!

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Announcing our new release/video compilation - "Nothing to Defend"

Talking to Walls - Nothing to Defend

We are pleased to announce the release of "Nothing to Defend" - a collection of new songs from our upcoming album, compiled with singles we have released over the past couple of years, and every official music video we have put out up until this point. Includes a brand new one which, as of writing this, is still not available anywhere else.

"Nothing to Defend" is sort of like 2009's "The Megan EP." Our forthcoming full-length album, "Lost in the Sound," is almost completely mixed and, by putting out this collection, gets some songs out there - it has been too long between albums and we can't wait to share some of our songs with you. Plus, we are trying to raise the money to make the full album release possible.

Talking to Walls is also pleased to announce that a portion of the proceeds from "Nothing to Defend" will go to the Center for Sexual Assault Crisis Counciling and Education in Stamford, CT. We just played a benefit for the Center this weekend, which was really important to us, and we want to continue to support their efforts.

 You can purchase "Nothing to Defend" on our online store here. Thanks to Matt Mullarkey for the cover art, and to Magdalena Abrego for playing with us this weekend.

Sunday, June 15, 2014

So, Father's Day, 2014...

I've spent much of the day around other people's fathers (congrats again to the Miklos and Kravitz families - last night's wedding gave you some awesome new relations). Now, as the day ends, here is me being with my Dad.

We didn't see eye to eye about a lot of things, when he was alive. Not in the "I'm gonna leave home at 15 and take lots of drugs and be in ratty punk bands" sort of way. Just different people, who were placed in a situation that didn't make the love any less.

Standing here on the edge of 10 years since I knew it would be your last Father's Day. I wish I could remember more of that day... but so much of those last 6-8 months is a blur. I can only think that, minus all of the days that I want to walk off the face of this earth (which is not your fault, it's my own chemical imbalance that I work through) you made me a better man. Even if it makes me work harder than I should have to, be a completist when I don't have to, and see things through further than I should have any responsibility for, I am proud of the man you made me become. You may not have understood me, and at the same time said "you can be whatever you want, you can do this" along with "I don't know why you are wasting your time with that" - despite all of that, I still love and miss you. You did the best you knew how. And that is all anyone can ask of themselves. To do the best they can at that given moment.

A given moment. That's the thing I believe in.

Necessary Disclaimer: I'm pretty tired, had a couple of gin & tonics (his other favorite was the Manhattan) and I haven't played this in...a couple of years, unless someone can correct me on that. Anyway...


Friday, October 11, 2013

Back with a new website!

We have had a busy year or so. Which is why you haven't seen much of us. We have been doing lots of work with other artists. We had a lot of personal stuff to deal with as individuals. A couple of us moved. Some big life changes. And we needed to take a break. 

We were hoping to release a single around August, 2012. That didn't happen, as it turned into a single with two b-sides. And then, the longer it took, the more songs got written. We played some of them on the 2013 Black Hearts Parade run in March. More has been written since then, including one song written at Nat's wedding.

So much for a "quick" release. We are now mixing as we go, the artwork is completed, and a new website coming along (obviously). 

We haven't booked any shows because we want to finish this new dream of ours, and bring it out to you bigger and better than ever before. However, we are coming out of our den to play a couple of shows with Yoann, before he moves to Barcelona next month.
"Soon, there'll be time," or so our song goes...

-Talking to Walls
October, 2013

Thursday, October 10, 2013

Old Blog Posts

We tried to rescue all of our old blog posts from Myspace, which was where we hosted the blog for a very long time.  But we missed the notification that they were available, and therefore everything got deleted.  At one point I had some of it on my computer, but I must have deleted those drafts as it was incomplete.

And the new Myspace is more useless than the old one.  Go figure.

What follows below are some old posts we do still have, which are still a nice walk down memory lane.

Saturday, October 3, 2009

Good News/Bad News

Bad news: The van wouldn't start this morning

Good news: we now have a new starter in the van and the engine now turns over super smoothly and fast.

bad news: it cost $90

good news: it was easy (for tom) to put the new one in. matter of minutes

bad news: this was because the old one had something snap off and it was just hanging there. he was able to take it out with his bare hands.

good news: the van died in my driveway this morning instead of stranding us at midnight in NY

Thursday, July 30, 2009

Releasing the new EP

The record is done, mixed, just waiting for Krupa to send me the files so it can be posted on the website...

When Jeff got hurt in his motorcycle accident, we realized that the shows we had lined up were going to have to change. Either we had to cancel or fulfill our obligations as an acoustic duo of Brian & Nat. We've been down the road of temp players, and while we met some great people along the way, it's a hard road. So we took a chance and decided to make the acoustic duo format a viable version of Talking to Walls..

This EP is a culmination of those practices and a way for us to show ourselves that we could do this. Especially seeing as the title track from our last album, The Megan E.P., was an Irish punk rock song.

Years ago, before this band was capable of doing all the things it can do now, there was an earlier version of Talking to Walls. Some good friends of mine and I did some recording and put out a record and the song we were pushing was a hard rock tune called "Sleeping with the Enemy". All well and good, except for the fact that I was touring solo. Send a song out to radio stations and then not play the song live? That was a quick realization that the whole thing had to be a more complete package.

I have gone back and listened over the years to old show tapes from way back when I was starting out - before this band, and even in it's earliest inceptions - and I wince when I hear what I was doing. Every musician has those tapes. Recording "A Long Stilt Walk" live and acoustic in the studio is as much a step forward as it is a look back at how things all started - a song and a guitar. I'm so happy to have been able to do this - as raw as it is, it's a testament to growth. And I know that, as far as I'm concerned, my part of the growing would never have happened if it weren't for some people who have become very good friends of mine, who had the patience to let me do what I needed to do. And as proof positive that this is a BAND and not some overbearing Brian Kelly Project, I barely write half the songs anymore. And the ones I do I don't consider mine, especially with how much they change when I bring them in to the group.

I couldn't be happier about that fact.

-Brian Kelly
Bridgeport, July 30