Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Going for the gold

So, Greg stopped by at the perfect time last night. He was just coming to grab payment I'd left for him, but he walked in just as Nat and I were going to throw the Protools rack out the window (well, if we had windows, this IS a basement) because it wouldn't boot correctly. Nat had already been there fighting with it for over an hour, and I had just showed up and tried all the things he already did. The voice mail i left him i think ended up sounding like "Hi Greg, call me as soon as you get a chance, bad things are happening with the hardware and I cant ohmygodisthedooropeningNatisthatGregnow?"

Literally, he opened the door with light streaming in behind him, because it's pretty dark in the control room. a total godsend.

A few screwdrivers later showed us the inside of Protools 002, where Greg proceeded to pull our some cables and jumpers to do the old "pull out, blow on it, put it back in" trick NES fans are all too familiar with. Apparantly humidity causes 002 to loose it's brain. I've been wanting to switch to Protools, but I don't know if i have the money to buy a Protools rig, a new MacBookPro and run an additional dehumidifier!

Cellos have been edited. We might do an alternate mix of cello & flute on Chiaroscuro, it sounds so good on its own.

Greg just got a good piece of news: it looks like he is going to be getting his first gold record! It's for his work on Interpol's "Antics". Hopefully his boss' good luck and skill has rubbed off enough on him so that he can get another gold record for his work with Talking to Walls!

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