Thursday, July 23, 2009

Day Two of recording - and it's a wrap!

Today was a good day. I hung around the the house for a bit just kinda taking care of some things and an errand or two, and spent the rest of the day, when not mixing, hanging around on the patio reading a new-ish Bradbury novel and had some red wine left over from a party the other night. Can't let those things sit and go to waste!

For a quick little record this thing is taking a little longer than expected. We didn't cut as many songs as we would have liked, but we got a decent number of them. And we're giving it away for free, so people will still be getting their $0 worth, to quote a late 1990's Bob Whelan from Angry Salad. I've mixed about half the songs, so we're probably looking at another day of work to finish everything and put it out there.

We had some sound problems due to a battery yesterday, so between that and having to redo another song in order to have the new arrangement done properly, it took us most of the session today to catch up to where we were yesterday, ironically enough. And while we did things a few more times than we were planning, the end result is that Nat and I know the songs a lot better now before we go on the road.

Which was really half the purpose of this exercise anyway.

Ok, time to call it a night. Early mornings are killing me, and tomorrow is the warm-up show for the tour at SoNo Caffeine.

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