Monday, September 22, 2008

Burning through my chest

It's good to be back to working in new haven, even if for just a couple of days. I'm heading to bulldog for dinner...there's just so much food here! have to hit the indian place across the corner before we leave. And the nice perk of being at firehouse is that there's a bar in the bottom floor. So last night I could randomly grab some gin while we mixed. What could be better?
we got some tracks sent in to us from stephen kellogg & the sixers last night, they're doing a guest spot on "Cherry Red Heart". Sounds huge, but Greg and I just spent 30 minutes obsessing over some amp noise from Kit's keyboard amp that was on the track. Not in the "we have to fix that" sort of way, but in the "let's sample that and fuck it up some more and use it!" all this over a 10 second part, if it was even that long.
Yesterday saw us working on our irish punk rocker. Bagpipes done, we added even more vocals to the gang of stuff I recorded with some friends of mine a week or two ago. More sound effects, which almost ended us up with a serious mess on our hands...but more of that on tape... But the real surprise was some stuff that greg had us do that makes the song very...martial...cant wait to share....

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