Wednesday, October 1, 2008

You're gonna be a fine man some day...

We're almost done mixing the record, though we had to move mastering a second time because we just can't finish in time.  Poor greg, he's been working day and night and no breaks or days off.  He's going to hate us.  The other day i showed up at the studio to find him EQing the drums and turning off the overhead/cymbal mikes, just to make the sound go away because he couldn';t take it any more.  that's when you really shouldn't be mixing!  luckily i was there with fresh(er) ears to give perspective. 

Today i skipped going into the studio so i could work with a new recording client of mine.  Sure, i would prefer to have waited, but she needs it done fast, and since she was referred to me by the guy who works on our guitars and amps, i figured i could make the exception.  figured it would be easy, since it was a spoken word/ambient thing.  and a good cause, to boot, as she's a music therapist for cancer patients.  Well, lo and behold, she comes in tonight and sees some of the old stage banners hanging around the studio and starts asking me about my dad - apparantly he was one of her patients before he died.  freaky.  so we talked and such, and once we got to work, i texted greg to send me over the mix for fine man so that i could show it to her.  figured this smacked of kismet, and i had to share it with her. 

ok, i'm going to bed now...i started to completely lose my shit today, with chills, heart racing, and brain completely wired from the stress of everything i have to do (and everything i might have to replace - seems like every electronic device i own is crapping out on me in the past 2 months...)

must needs sleeps...

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