Tuesday, July 15, 2008

How are we still standing?

13 songs. 10 hours. That's exceedingly nuts.

Matt deserves a medal for getting us through today. We had absolutely no time to waste if we wanted to get this record done. The drums have to be done at Firehouse before we move to my studio - I can't get the big room sound needed. And an extra day tomorrow would be more money unless we take it from the days we would spend mixing (back at Firehouse). And Greg is loathe to lose a mixing day.

Pete came in today, which was good. we've not seen him a lot lately, and i was glad he was able to join us for this exciting time. He doesn't know a few songs still, so he was able to hang with Greg in the control room and whatnot and just soak it all in.

Anyway, we got through all the songs we needed to, with 40 minutes to spare. So we decided to pound through as much of the bonus material we were hoping to do. And got three songs done in 20 minutes. Why that didn't work like that for the rest of the day I'll never know.

Matt did his first ever drum loops today. All live drums, but double tracking drums on top of eachother. Sounds cool, has a weird butterfly effect sometimes. just pure beauty. RJ helped him out with his snare, turning it on and off, during walkway, so we could get through the song. Two people required to play one drum part.

After the session, we needed to unwind, so Nat and Matt (or Krupa, as he shall be called for the obvious confusion) and I went to Pepe's for some pie since the bar that's downstairs in the studio wasn't open.

We have some new phrases to use in conversation now. One is "Bob's your uncle", which is a weird English way of tying up an explination and saying "and all of a sudden, there you have it".

"I was looking for my keys this morning and Bob's your uncle, they were already in my pocket".

The other new phrase is "have a poop", which is to relax, take a few minutes, just chill and not work. It's not English slang, it's just Nat... We have more new phrases, but i can't seem to remember them, so I guess they're not sticking yet.

We're still looking for a Mesa Boogie Mark IV for Nat to buy or borrow for when guitar recording starts. Do you know anyone??

I'm going to bed. The two cases of Dr. Pepper are starting to wear off. Hey, Dr. Pepper, our record will be out before Chinese Democracy. Can we have a sponsorship?

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