Wednesday, July 16, 2008

The longest day

This is one of the few times since I started making music that I would rather be somewhere else. After accomplishing yesterday's impossible task, I just want to sleep or at least do nothing. But, there will be time for that later.

Today we moved into my studio. Poor Greg was stuck in stopped traffic on 95 with only one working window, and it was boiling out (still kinda warm). Today, instead of getting guitars started, we'revdoing guide vocals. Greg's going to set up every song and do some "stuff" to the recording (like mix enough to be listenable) and then I will do vocal takes that will not end up on the record. It sounds easy enough, but this album is the hardest collection of songs I've ever worked on, so I still have to work at it. All while getting depressed over how bad some of them are, even though they don't matter.

Oh well, its all part of the job. Lots of time to kill between takes, but I spend it working on other stuff.

I just found out my friend Christine's dad died last weekend. Sudden heart attack. Funeral's tomorrow, and I don't think I can get out of work. "yeah, I just took three days off, and I know that this should be a busy week for me, and I'm going to be in and out all the next two weeks as well, but I need the morning off." but I really want to go, she's my best friend's fiance's best friend. I know him since second grade, and it's the same thing on their end. I've gotten to know her quite a bit in the last few months, and this is the type of thing that would really seal the friendship and show my feelings, you know? More than just a friend of a friend. This is something a friend does. And I can't pull it. She is definitely daddy's little girl. She's told me a bunch about her family, but you can see how much she glows when she talks about her dad. A really gregarious man after my own heart. I got to meet him at their last family party, (memorial day?) a big red-meat eating, frie
ndly strong-armed man who makes sure you have a drink in on hand and fork in the other. One of those good people you get the immediate vibe for when you meet him. He'll be missed.

As soon as I got the email with the news, greg called me in to sing fine man, the song I wrote for my own father the day before he died. I'm a little weirded out still.

Was hoping that it would yield some brilliant vocal performance, but sadly, no. Nothing worthy of a tribute

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