Saturday, July 12, 2008

We're a Finalist to open for Coldplay - help vote!

Talking to Walls has just been named a FINALIST in the Open for Coldplay Contest! Please help the cause by voting here: Our video is 4th from the bottom - the one for "Cut Out". If we can win it, we'll be running our own contest for our people to get free tickets...



Megan, the talking to walls person said...

Hey, I just felt the need to say something about the comment. First of all thank god I don't know you in person, I'd probably die of embarrasment, as I wasn't really expecting anyone to read the stupid thing I just did cuz I had to the whole expressing your feelings thing :b. Well don't I sound stupid, great. Just please tell me you didnt read the whole entire pathetic thing.

Oh and congrats on your coldplay thingy

Megan said...

BTW: just making sure you know that I did infact notice ur post was from 2008.

Talking to Walls said...

no worries. pretty much just read this post and a fraction of another. didn't read the whole thing. just a quick scan to get the idea. "secret" is safe with me. :)

BTW, "Megan" is the name of our record that we put out in January. which was yet another reason you came up in google. took me a while to realize who had comented on our blog last night, LOL

couldn't comment back on your blog...screen wouldn't scroll